Saturday, January 31, 2009

All signed up!

As of this morning, I am officially signed up to run the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon on May 17, 2009!! I am really excited, since this is something I have thought about doing for a while (running a half marathon, that is), and this is the perfect "excuse" to motivate myself to get to the gym and fall into a consistent training program again.

I also decided to raise money for one of the charity partners for the race, Cerebral Palsy, Inc. If you raise at least $250, you can get your registration fee reimbursed, and when I saw that CP, Inc was one of the charities, I knew that was what I wanted to run for. Bay Cliff really does stick with you after you leave! I think about all the kids I worked and played with last summer, and a lot of them are from the Northeast Wisconsin area, so who knows? Maybe my fundraising will help support those kids directly.

Here is the widget for my fundraising site. Please donate whatever you can. I really appreciate the support!

So why the Green Bay half marathon and not one closer to Chicago? Well, there is a half marathon in Oshkosh in mid-April that actually first got me interested in looking for other halfs in the area. Then I came across the Green Bay half and there were so many reasons to say yes to it: 1) it's in mid-May so there should be perfect running conditions (not too cold, not too hot), 2) you get to run through Lambeau!!!!!!, 3) Chera and Kelly are running the 5K on the same day (for real, right? haha), and 4) the post-party inludes BRATS and BEER! Two of my favorite things! How could I pass that up? And 5) hopefully I can have some people come cheer me on, since it's closer to home.

Speaking of running, I better get ready for the gym! I will post again soon!