Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday Run

I finally hit the gym again today! It's so gorgeous outside today that I felt a little guilty not going for a run outdoors, but I am paying for this gym membership....

Miles: 3.1
Pace: 10 minutes/mile

According to the training program I am working off of, I am supposed to run a total of 6 miles this week, which I did (yay!). However, they have me starting out with 3 2-mile runs for the first few weeks, and I'm not that out of shape when it comes to running. So I kind of fudged it a little. I am going home (to the UP) on Tuesday, so I'm not sure how I will work that out. Maybe get a day pass at the PEIF or Y for a couple days, since I'm sure the weather won't be this nice all next week!

Like I mentioned in my last post, yesterday was my last day at my clinical! It feels so awesome to have that behind me, and I am really looking forward to these next few weeks off!

Well, I better get dressed and ready to head to Champaign to hang out with my HSLP! Can't wait for margaritas tonight!! :D

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