Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday Run

Miles: 3.15
Pace: 9:40 minutes/mile

I didn't feel very great during my run today. It could have been a lot worse--at least I didn't have to stop--but my left Achille's tendon was feeling real tight throughout the entire run. I need to work on stretching it out more often and doing some heel raises so I can help prevent shin splints. If I get too lazy, I'll end up with overuse injuries, which would not be good.

Other than that little nagging bit, I had a pretty good day. I felt good enough to up my pace a little, and I followed up my run with some strength training, which I have been greatly slacking on lately. I had a "rest" day on Wednesday and used it as a cross-training day on the elliptical machine where I caught up with Martha Stewart and also ran into Lisa and chatted. :)

Today is Friday, another rest day, and I actually am going to use it as a rest. I have a meeting at school for my practicum at 11am and just didn't feel like getting up early enough to hit the gym. Keith is also here for the weekend and we are going to a Wolves hockey game tonight.

I better get ready for my meeting today! I'll check back in tomorrow!

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