Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Only 4 days left!!

Only 4 more days to the half marathon! Can't believe it's already here!!

My training has been going pretty well. Two Sundays ago I did an 8-mile long run which went okay, but the last mile and a half or so I felt SO tired. So last Tuesday I went into Fleet Feet and asked one of the guys about using energy gels and he suggested a couple to try out. One is called Gu, and apparently it's pretty popular. It really is goo. And it's nasty. It is like really thick, congealed jelly. The other one I bought was Cliff Shot Blocks, which are like a gummy fruit snack. These are delicious. I tried them for a couple workouts during the week and had no bad side effects (no cramping or nausea or anything). Obviously, you should be training with the gels and drinks that you intend on using during your race or else you don't know how your body will respond to it.

So the Shot Blocks are a GO.

I tested them out last Sunday on a 10 mile run. Had 2 before I left and 2 more an hour into the run (about 6 miles) with some water. My 10 mile run was so much better than the 8! I was still pooped when I finished, but I felt like if I had to keep going, I would be able to (which is great, since I have to run 13.1 miles this Sunday).

By the way, my running route was fantastic. I ran from my apartment up by Wrigley Field, east toward Lake Michigan, along the coastline, where I can see the city skyline the whole time, and through Lincoln Park. Love it.

I really am going to miss this city.

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