Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All By Myself

Don't wanna be, all by myyyyself anymore. In my mind, I sound like Celine Dion. ;) I titled this post because the husband has left me on my own once again this evening. He wound up with a coupon for a free round of golf, and he just had to use it today! Mind you, Thursday nights are when he has golf league, so that means I'm on my own tomorrow night, too. C'est la vie. I'm just bitter because I wish I were out golfing right now, too!!
Since I made my GM so late today (I had it around 4:30), I wasn't feeling exceptionally hungry for dinner. I figured it was a perfect soup and sandwich night.

The soup was a new one I picked up today, Campbell's Select Harvest in Zesty Tomato Bisque. It was....okay. I liked that there were big chunks of tomato in the soup, but something about it tasted different. I thought I tasted a bit of mint or something. It was just a different taste that I don't usually associate with tomato soup. I believe the brand also has a tomato basil flavor, and I would be willing to try that. I also picked up a chicken noodle variety, so hopefully I'll have better luck with that!
I finally took a decent picture with my camera!! I think I might have figured out the trick! We'll see... Anyway! I made a ham sandwich using whole wheat Arnold's Sandwich Thins, ham, provolone cheese, tomato, cucumber, spinach, and mustard. I love mustard on a ham sandwich! This was a great sandwich, except the tomatos were a little moist and their guts kept dripping out....yuck. I never ever liked tomatoes when I was younger, and I have recently started to enjoy them, but sometimes the gooey seeds really gross me out!

I have washed dishes and folded laundry, and I'm really craving a cookie! Instead, I got a few handfuls of cherries, since they only have a few days left until they go bad.

They're no chocolate chip cookies, but they are still yummy!

I'm off for the evening. I found out today that I will be working (er, training) again on Friday, so that means another day off tomorrow! Goodnight, ya'll!


  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Oh my gosh, when I saw the title of your post on my reader--I definitely sung that Celine song...and then popped on over here and saw that you were singing it too! Love it! Gotta love some Celine to wake me up early in the morning. ;)

  2. I'll be singing Celion all day! Great blog by the way...just found this over from Eat Live Run.
    Something I learned over at is that she takes all her pictures in macro setting without the flash. I tried it and it is amazing the detail of the food that can pop into your picture. You may already be doing that, but when you said something about getting a good picture I thought I would pass on the tip that changed my photography world without having to buy a new camera!
    Don't judge my photos though on my blog...most get taken with my iphone and that has ZERO artistic ability!
    Have a great day!