Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Back!!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the severe lack of posting yesterday. I ended up having a very busy day and was hardly home. I also forgot my camera for the day, so I have no pictures of anything to show you! :(

General overview of Saturday: Woke up, ran 3 miles, did about 15 minutes of strength training, showered, met my mom and grandma for lunch, went out to a friend's camp with Keith for dinner, came home about 9:30, finally convinced hubby to watch Twilight, went to bed. :)

I woke up kind of late today, and have debating working out since then. It rained the entire morning, which makes it so easy to stay in and veg. Pretty boring day so far!

Let's go over today's eats so far:

Kashi GoLean with skim milk. It's practically drowning!

The Usual Green Monster around lunchtime. With a women's daily multi-vitamin on the side.
One piece of chocolate.

Pretty boring eats so far today! I am excited about our plans for dinner tonight, though. I'm trying something new (for me, at least!).

Have a fun and relaxing Sunday! I will catch up with you this evening!

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