Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lunch n Munch

I have spent the last hour and a half desperately trying to find out any info on the New Moon happenings going on at Comic-Con. What a way to spend the afternoon!

In the meantime, I made up a late lunch.

I am a 5-year-old kid who still loves a tuna sandwich! Plus a carrot and cucs with hummus for dipping.

And a cookie. Thank goodness these are almost gone! I am such a cookie monster! Well, really any sweets...

I also wanted to give everyone a heads up that Jocelyn at Peace. Love. Nutrition is having a Chobani give-a-way in celebration of her 1st month blogging anniversary! Check it out, but you probably shouldn't enter, because I really want to win! ;)


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    New Moon! AHHH! I cannot wait! I was all "anti-Twilight" before I finally saw the movie a month or so ago. Oh---------my---------gosh-------Edward Cullen---------please oh please. He is h-o-t-t HOT! Whew.

    I am all flustered now. haha thanks. ;)

  2. Hey now who doesn't love a tuna salad sandwich! It looks goood and I think will be my lunch tomorrow. ha!