Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mornings Fly By!

Good...well..afternoon, now! I was slow getting up this morning (not until 8:20), and I was even asleep by 11 last night! My stomach was growling at me, so I made up a bowl of filling oatmeal.
Nothing says "good morning" like oatmeal with brown sugar and PB! Plus some blueberries and a cup-a-cahfee. I have quite a few blueberries left, and I have to finish them off before they go bad. I also have strawberries and cherries to finish off, too!

After breakfast, I did an hour of yoga. It was tough today! I was sweating and shaking the whole hour through. Afterwards, I took a shower, and by that time Keith was home and we both had leftovers for lunch.

I had eggplant parmesan from dinner on Monday night. It looks a hot mess, but it was yummy! I followed it up with a cookie. Man, those things have to get out of this house ASAP, haha!

I am going to spend some time figuring out meals for the next week or so and do some grocery shopping. I'm hoping for a mid-afternoon GM today!

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