Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Omens and Socialization

Before my shopping trip, I had to have a little snack:
My grandma makes delicious bran muffins (among many other things). I think she said she used less sugar and cut some of the butter for this batch. She made them healthier somehow, anyway, and they turned out super yummy.

I mentioned earlier that I was clean out of bananas, so I definitely needed those today, but I had one other thing on my mind that beckoned me to the store...

I am obsessed with Fage Greek yogurt. Obsessed. But a 16 oz. container at the co-op costs $5.38, so while I am still not working full-time, we can't afford to be buying a ton of this stuff every week. You know, Fage, if you read this, you should totally send me some "samples" and I will gladly review them for you. :) Seriously, this stuff is almost like ice cream, it's so thick and creamy and delicious. I have only tried one other brand of Greek yogurt and was not impressed, so I have been very reluctant to branch out from Fage.

After my shopping trip, I heated up some leftover pizza for a late lunch.

Next time I am definitely going to aim for a more crisp crust. This was a little too soft, especially when re-heated.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting some studying done, and then my mom called to see if I wanted to meet her and my stepdad at Applebee's for dinner. I had been planning on making dinner all afternoon, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some socialization.

I ordered the cajun lime tilapia. It was very flavorful, and the broccoli was really good (and covered in garlic!).

I invited my parents over for dessert.

I had a cone with Edy's Slow-Churned Mud Pie ice cream. So good, but not as good as the Mint Cookie Crunch.

I am now completely satiated for the evening, other than maybe a cup of tea while I watch more Buffy episodes. :)

This afternoon when I went to pick up the mail, I noticed a magazine in the box. I was excited, thinking it was a new Fitness, but then I saw the cover and realized that wasn't it. I thought it must be for the person who used to live in our apartment, but when I looked at the address, it definitely had my name on it.

An omen, perhaps?!?! ;)


  1. Anonymous7:06 AM

    haha--maybe it's a sign!?!? Ahh--you better let us know! ;)

    Greek yogurt--I have not tried Fage yet but now you make me want to try it. I like Chobani and Oikos a lot though--especially the honey flavored Oikos. Have you tried that one? And Chobani is the less expensive of those--it was $1.59 for 8oz at the store yesterday. Oikos can be anywhere from $1.89 to $2.29. Eeeeek. I sound like my Mimi (grandma) how I know the price differences. haha

  2. I haven't seen either Oikos or Chobani around my area! There is Fage and another type that looks like it's just called Greek Yogurt?? I would love to try either of those brands, though!