Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quadruple Bogy!

Hi everyone! I continued being a waste of space for most of the day. I got some laundry done, and Keith and I hung a few pictures around the apartment (finally!). Around noon I made a Green Monster, which included:

* 2 handfuls spinach
* 1 banana
* 1 c. vanilla Lite Silk soymilk
* 1 T milled flax
* 1 T peanut butter

The peanut butter made the whole thing taste awesome. It was my favorite creation so far! A few hours later, I had a late lunch of leftover fish tacos! Mmmm. I did end up golfing with my parents this evening. I haven't been keeping score yet this summer, because I've been trying to concentrate on making good contact with the ball and hitting it straight. Two pretty important things. :) My putting game definitely needs some work, too!

While we were on #6 there were a couple of GORGEOUS pink peony bushes by the tee box. I had to take a pic, as they are my favorite flower:

I was extremely tempted to pluck a few and steal them home with me, but I just couldn't do it. I can't wait to have a future home with my own pink peony bushes!

After golf, my parents and I went to dinner at Jasper Ridge. I ordered the California chicken flat bread sandwhich and a raspberry wheat beer. The sandwhich was so good! It had grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, and guac!! It also comes with bacon, but I ordered mine without. Definitely a yummy dinner tonight!

Well, Keith is already upstairs in bed, and I'm getting pretty tired, too. I think it's time to curl up with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Any chance I'll be able to finish this one, plus the 5th and 6th books before Tuesday at midnight??!

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