Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Morning Post

Good Morning! I slept in a little later this morning (about 8 o'clock) than what I had intended. I don't know why I couldn't get out of bed today! So frustrating. :( Anyhoo, I finally rolled out of bed and had a little breakfast (cereal and tea) while catching up with the Today show. It's a morning ritual I will miss when I actually have to work during the week (whenever the heck that will be...).

This morning, I'm planning on finishing up some paperwork for my job and hopefully squeezing in a run. After lunch, I am going to the university with Keith so I can get in 4 solid hours of studying today. I know eventually I am going to have to take these boards, so I can't keep slacking off! There is a great post on issues of motivation over on Oh She Glows this morning. It deals mostly with living a healthy lifestyle, but I think I can apply it to my studying habits right now, too. ;)

Alright! I will check in with you this afternoon! Enjoy the beautiful morning!!

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