Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Training Begins!

To be honest, I have run a total of about 3 times in the last 7 1/2 weeks, for a total of about 7 miles. So not very much! I decided this week that I would start running regularly again, and I'm going to start a little easy with some 2 mile runs and start bumping it up over the next few weeks before I start the "real" training.

I am going to be using a training program from Fitness magazine (which can be found here) that I used for the last race. However, there are two programs. The first is for beginners who run less than 15 miles per week and basically just tells you how far to run each day. That's the program I used last time. The other program is more advanced for those who run over 15 miles per week. This program includes more speedwork, as well as mileage. I would like to try the second program, but we'll see! Both programs are 8 weeks long, so I have time to build up my mileage before then.

Anyway, I did my first 2-miler today on a treadmill in my boring gym at our apartment complex. I kept up a 10-minute mile pace, and it went fairly well, except there are no TVs and I get bored easily, so I'm not sure if I can run much longer than 20-30 minutes. At least the weather is nice, so I should just run outside. Plus, there are some nice trails around, as well as the path along Lake Superior that I should fully take advantage of.

Another change I would like to make this time around is to incorporate more strength trainging. I let a lot of that slide before, because either my gym in Chicago was too busy, or I was doing outside runs and didn't want to make the extra trip to the gym just to lift for 20 minutes (So basically, laziness!). I think I will be a much stronger runner if I keep up with strenghtening my legs and core, especially. Woot!

Alright, enough for now. Anyone interested in training with me??? It would be fun running the race with a friend or two!! And trust me, there is definitely enough time to build up your endurance enough to run 13.1!!!

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