Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad News Bears

Last night I prepared a breakfast cookie to eat before work:

I added some vanilla yogurt on top, because that's how I like it.

My boss offered to buy lunch this afternoon, so I picked up a tuna sub from Quizno's, which was surprisingly delicious. I have only been to Quizno's twice, and each time they put way too much sauce/dressing on the sandwich, so I have to remember to ask for less next time. I don't like when my sandwhiches are drippy. I also have no pic, because I wasn't expecting to have lunch at work and did not bring my camera. Just close your eyes and picture a tuna sub with tomato, lettuce, banana peppers, and vinagrette.

This morning I finally heard back about my exam. I was debating if I wanted to say anything or not, but I might as well just get the bad news over with....

    I PASSED!!!!

So the bad news is that I actually have to work full-time now!! Hahaha! Did I trick any of you?? ;)

I am now enjoying my afternoon in my pajamas drinking a beer in celebration.

Tonight I have plans to have a "Distribution Widows" party with a few other wives who have husbands working the laptop distro until late tongiht. We are having an Italian feast and I get to play with a ton of little babies!! I might have to bring my teddy bear so I can fit in with all the other mommies. :)

Not sure about my other plans for the weekend, but I definitely am hoping to do some major celebrating. No more studying!! Ever!!!

Today's Question: What are your plans for this weekend?


  1. CONGRATS!! Way to go Niki:)

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  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    That's my girl! I never had any doubt you would do it! And, we'll have to have you bring something from The Pasta Shop next time you come over to hang out with us! Buffy awaits!!! :) Love you, Mom