Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Cake

Hello! Still no news on my exam yet...highly frustrating.

At this point, I feel that if they aren't telling me I've passed, then I must have failed. Isn't it stupid to make the people who don't pass wait longer to find out that they didn't pass? If I have to re-take this test, I would like to start studying again soon and not wasting time waiting to hear back from them, you know? Geez!

Anywhoo, I ended up going for a run/walk yesterday at around noon when I finally had possession of my shoes again! It was hot! And my route was a lot more hilly than I had anticipated! I think I did at least half running and half walking. I could not wait to get home and chug some agua. Yesterday definitely made me want to run out and purchase a Camelback or a similar device that I can easily stash fluids in! I also ended up getting a little lost in the neighborhood. So many of the streets will suddenly end and then restart a few blocks over. My goal was 5 miles, but it may have been a little longer in the end.

After my run, my mom called to invite Keith and I over for dinner and birthday cake. My grandma makes the best cake! Really, she makes pretty much the best anything. :)

Oh. My. God. Covered in coconut!! Grandma knows the way to my heart!

Making a wish.....

Chocolate cake with a vanilla frosting (almost whipped cream consistency), coconut, and a layer of dark chocolate ganache on top! Perfection! Luckily, I got to take the leftovers home!

I am off to the DMV and then to pick up some groceries. Very exciting birthday, I know! I will have a full b-day recap later this evening.

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  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Aw Grandma's do make the best cakes!!!!