Sunday, August 09, 2009

Case of the Blahs

Hellooooo! I have to apologize for the super boring post that's about to follow!

After I took my practice exam yesterday, I met my friends Traci and Rachel for lunch at Border Grill. We ended up sitting and chatting until a little after 6!! There goes my afternoon study plans!

Afterward, I stopped by my parent's house to mooch dinner off of them, and came home just as the hubby was coming back from a golf tourney (with my boss, haha).

Sad to say, I did not get my run in yesterday. I was hoping to get it done between my practice exam and lunch, but the test took longer than I had planned.

Keith and I woke up kind of late today, and I made some heart-shaped waffles for breakfast. I have no idea where my camera is right now, so I'll have to post a picture of them later. They are so cute! :)

However, after brekkie I started feeling pretty icky. My stomach was not feeling right, and as the day progressed I was feeling mixtures of nausea, lightheadedness, and weakness. I tried to take a short nap this afternoon, but then I couldn't fall asleep! I'm starting to feel a little better, finally. I've been trying to drink lots of water and I ate a little something for dinner, so hopefully that does the trick. Of course, since I've felt so weird all day, I definitely did not go for my 5 mile run, either! My plan is to wake up early tomorrow and get it done in the AM.

The good news is that I got a big chunk of studying in today. I'm trying not to stress out (maybe that's why I don't feel so hot today?), since that will probably just things worse! I need to get rid of the negative thoughts and fill my head with visions of me getting little green check marks next each question (to inidicate correctness, of course!), and the word "PASSED" in big, shiny letters flashing across my computer screen. Whatever works, right?!?!

I promise I will be back to regular posting tomorrow! This weekend totally flew by unexpectedly! Hope you all had an excellent one!


  1. Just a word of warning...people around me keep getting pregnant...

    Just saying.

  2. Glad your feeling better!! Stress can cause all sorts of stressing out, so good for you for taking action and not letting it get to you anymore.