Thursday, August 06, 2009

Date Night with Mommy

Sorry for posting this a little later than normal tonight, but I've been on the go pretty much all day! I am pretty exhausted, so I'll try to make this quick. :)
For breakfast I had another b-fast cookie with Greek yogy and honey:

I made one for the husband this morning, too, because he never eats breakfast and I am trying to get him to start. He loved it, of course! But I'm pretty sure the only way he will keep eating breakfast is if I make it so it's ready for him in the morning.

Anyway, I worked again this morning, came home, and got ready for a run. My tummy was a little growly, so I made a quick snack.

Whole wheat sandwich thin with a schmear of dark chocolate pb.

I completed a 3.5 mile run today and was a total sweat monster afterwards. It went much more smoothly than on Tuesday!

Time: 33:58
Distance: 3.5 miles
Avg. Pace: 9:43

I made a post-run Green Monster to re-fuel:

I couldn't even fit it all in one glass! I had to take a few sips before I could empty the blender. I combined flax, spinach, banana, blueberries, skim milk, vanilla, and ice. No pb today. Still super yummy. Vanilla is my new go-to GM ingredient! (I bought a new big bottle today so I don't run out!)

I had a Dr. appointment this afternoon, and then met up with my mom for a mother-daughter date night! I have been dying to see the Harry Potter movie again, and Thursdays are Keith's nights for golf league, so I called her up for dinner and a movie.

We went to Sweet Water Cafe for dinner. I hadn't eaten there in ages and have had a major craving for it the last few days. I also had a craving for carrot juice, which is strange, because I've never had it before.

It was quite tasty. It basically tastes just like carrots with a little bit of sweetness. It also turns your lips orange---even after one sip! Luckily, the orange color rubbed off.

I ordered the ginger stir fry with chicken:

This was loaded with veggies, chicken, and brown rice. I would definitely order this again.

My mom ordered one of the specials, a whole wheat rotini pasta with spicy marinara:

Also very good! Sometimes I forget about little Sweet Water, but it really is so yummy. Their breakfasts are wonderful, as well as their European hot chocolate. I haven't had one of those since undergrad!

Harry Potter was again fabulous. After seeing some people comment that they were disappointed with things left out or whatnot, I wondered if I would be bothered by this the second time around. My original opinion still holds firm: this is my favorite of the films so far.

Time to hit the hay. I have the day off tomorrow, but that just means I have the whole day to study study study!!! Good night!


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Aw, I am glad your hubs liked the breakfast cookie! I used to not eat breakfast either--but then realized how much that slows my metabolism down and drains my energy. Now, I cannot imagine my day without breakfast!

  2. Breakfast cookie looks good! Sounds like you had a good time with your mom :) I like to hang out with my mom a lot too. Dinner and juice looks fab, too!

  3. All of your food looks so bright and full of fruits and veggies.