Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Empty Cartons Are Never Good

I forgot to write about my workout in this morning's post! I wanted to go a little easy since I haven't had a run since Thursday (!!) and haven't done a workout of any kind since Friday (!), but I figured something is better than nothing! Plus, I was tired of sitting around and not being active for the past couple days.

I ended up running 2.76 miles in 30 minutes. I ran 10 minute miles and then stopped to walk for a little while. I also did a little strength-training:

* biceps curls
* triceps push-downs
* shoulder lateral raises
* front and side planks

I'm planning on doing legs, chest, and back tomorrow, along with another run. Gotta get back into my half-marathon training!

For dinner tonight, I made some delicioso spaghetti with meat sauce.

Sauce awaiting it's meaty partner.

Cooking the ground turkey before adding it to the sauce.

Finished product headed for my hungry mouth!!

I just love a good old-fashioned bowl of spaghetti, but it was dang hot and humid cooking it all in our kitchen. I wish people in the UP believed in central air. :(

For dessert, I desperately wanted some ice cream to help me cool down.

This is classic husband work, right here. He was the last person to scoop ice cream, and he always always always, without fail, leaves ONE spoonful in the carton. WHY?!

Needless to say, that was not satisfying. I decided to have a piece of Ghiardelli toffee chocolate, and as I broke it off, it basically fell apart from being soft and melty. I managed to work out half a piece of melted toffee chocolate, threw the rest of the bar in the freezer, and gave up on sweets for the night. Apparently, dessert is just not meant to be today.

It's about time for me to get to bed. I have one more day of studying left (eek!), and I want to make the most of it! Good night, everyone!!


  1. Wow, Brian does the same thing with ice cream too, i HATE it. Glad you're feeling better and good luck with the training. I CANNOT wait to run again Monday. My 1/2 marathon goal is not going to happen now but oh well.

  2. Aw sorry about the ice cream incident! I do that to Shane too. The spaghetti looks great though!