Saturday, August 29, 2009

Incredible Lunch!

Hello again after a few days hiatus! Now that I'm in the working world, I definitely need to learn how to balance work with all of the other aspects of my life!! The last time I did any sort of exercise was Monday!!!!! I was so excited to get in a good night's sleep last night and get in a great workout this morning!

After 9 hours of sleep, which was uninterrupted by a certain cat, I woke up to this:


It's actually still raining right now, and it's almost 4!!

I had a quick bowl of cereal with some tea, and then headed over to the gym to crank out a tempo run and some strength training. Oh how I love physical activity!! Especially after having such a long break!!

My tempo run was great! I did the first mile at a 9:51 pace, 2nd and 3rd miles at 8:57, and the 4th mile at 9:41. I finished 4 miles in 37:36!!

I squeezed in a bit of strength-training, too:

*biceps curls
*triceps push-downs
*lateral shoulder raises

I quickly showered and got ready to meet my mom, aunt, and grandma for lunch. We took my grandma out in celebration of her birthday next week! I was going to ask the waiter to take a picture of the four of us, but I forgot! Doh!

We lunched at Elizabeth's Chop House and it was, again, FAB!!!!

I started with their house salad.

Field greens, apples, walnuts, and an apple champagne vinaigrette.

My aunt ordered onion rings as a side and shared them with the rest of the table. These were amazing.

I had this + a small one.

The onion rings came out with ketchup, and the bottles were too cute.

Only about half the size of a coffee cup!!

For my entree, I ordered the chanterelle and gorgonzola stuffed chicken breast with panchetta and blue cheese grilled asparagus.

Wow wow wow. It was all so amazing. I definitely ate everything except maybe half of the mashed potatoes. I also don't really like mushrooms, but I figured I could just take them off if I didn't like them with the chicken. Turns out, they were so finely chopped and mixed with the gorgonzola, I didn't even notice them! The husband would be so proud of my mushroom eating!

Of course, I come from a family with a huge sweet tooth. I really blame my ice cream addiction on my genes. We ordered two slices of cake to pass around the table for dessert.

The first was my grandma's choice, a carrot cake. This was so delicious. Moist and a little spicy...just how I like it!

The second choice was a 12-layer chocolate cake. It was very rich and extremely delish. We were so busy digging into dessert, I almost forgot to snap pictures! Thus, the half demolished cakes you see now!

Elizabeth's does not disappoint. I am so stuffed, but all of the food was amazing and totally worth it. I have a big ol' food baby incubating right now, and I am feeling a tad drowsy. :)

The hubby and I are supposed to meet a group of people for dinner and drinks to follow. I'm pretty sure I won't be eating much for dinner tonight! Hopefully I will have many pics of the evening festivities.

On another note, a big reason I haven't updated in the past few days is the horrendously slow uploading that I'm experiencing with Blogger lately. It can take 4-5 minutes just to upload one picture! Lately I've been so tired that when I come home, I make dinner and try to read through the usual blogs I follow, and when I finally get around to posting, I'm just too exhausted to take the 45 minutes to an hour that it takes to put up a post right now. I'm hoping to do some research tomorrow on a possible switch to WordPress or other ideas for how I can make it easier to update the blog.

The blog isn't as much fun without the pictures, it just takes wayyy too long to upload!

Hope you all have a fantastic evening!

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