Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Running Frustrations

I so did not wake up early to do my run this morning, so I went after work at around 2:30. When I schedule a hill workout, I am supposed to do 4-8 uphill sprints for 2 minutes at about 85% of my max effort. I ran an easy half mile as a warm up, then proceeded to run on a 3% incline at an 8:51 pace for 2 minutes, followed by 3 minutes of jogging.

I ended up doing 4 hills altogether, and it totally sucked. My stomach felt like I had 10 pounds of rocks sitting in it. I had to pause the treadmill 3 times and walk around a little to catch my breath and get rid of my stomach cramps.

I was SO mad at myself. I felt like I wasn't getting a very good workout, because I was tired and getting side stiches and I felt like a terrible runner. Isn't that ridiculous?? I should know better than that! As I've mentioned before, I'm not a terribly strong or fast runner at all, so accomplishing my workout today should have made me feel proud. I still ran the 3 miles, I just took a couple breaks. No big deal, right? See, the rational part of my brain was telling me all of these positive things, but the irrational part was super frustrated and angry with myself, and the negativity definitely took over today.

Do any of you ever feel angry or frustrated when you feel you aren't performing the way you "should" be during a workout?

Today's stats:
Time: 28:58
Distance: 3 miles
Avg. Pace: 9:40
Onto the good stuff....food! No pics for breakfast or lunch, but I had cereal this morning and two slices of pepperoni pizza for lunch (we had an inservice today...love when companies come in and bring free lunch!). I am a little inclined to blame the pizza for my stomach cramping, but I didn't run until about 2 hours after I ate, and I wasn't really full after I ate. Hmm... Maybe I haven't been fueling myself very well the last couple days before this run?
After my run I made the. greatest. GM. ever!

Wow. This was so tasty!! I wanted to use some of the blueberries that have been sitting in my fridge, as well as try to finish some skim milk that is about to expire. Here's what I mixed:

* flax
* spinach
* banana
* skim milk
* blueberries
* vanilla extract (I usually use vanilla soy milk, so I thought I'd add this....best idea!!)
* Dark Chocolate Dreams pb

This reminded me of a vanilla milkshake. The vanilla extract really came through, and I probably only added half a tablespoon. I will definitely be trying this again. Maybe some almond extract in the future, too! So good!

I didn't feel like cooking tonight (crabby mood, haha), so I aked Keith to pick what he wanted for dinner. His first suggestion was pizza, but I told him I already had it for lunch and was thinking maybe something healthier...? His next suggestion was Taco Bell. Healthy=Taco Bell?! Guy logic!

I'm pretty sure Keith's least favorite game is the: "What do you want to eat? Whatever you want to eat. Okay, how about this? Ooooh, I'm not in the mood for that." game, so I conceded. I ordered two Ranchero Chicken Tacos off of the Fresco menu. Basically, they replace any cheese and sauce with more tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. They were pretty satisfying with basically no prep and little clean-up. :)

After dinner I proceeded to study with a snack:

And a little later my hubby brought me this:

Have a great night, everyone! I leave you with my study buddy:


  1. Your study buddy is GORGEOUS first of all. Secondly, about the running - hey, at least you got out there and did your workout, right? Maybe the next one will be better :-)

  2. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Girl--vanilla extract makes all the difference in those smoothies! I started putting it in mine a couple of weeks ago and cannot imagine them without it. So delicious!
    I know how you feel about working out and not being able to do what you planned--but atleast you worked out! That is probably better than I would do! :)