Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday at the Tee Box

I slept horribly last night, but managed to get myself up early to go golfing with the husband. This is the first time I have been able to actually use my birthday present, and the first time I've golfed in about 6 weeks. Pretty ridiculous, if you ask me!

I woke up really craving oatmeal, but unfortunately, I didn't have time to make it. I had a bowl of cereal and then took a banana with me in the car.

My golf game was also pretty awful this morning.

Awkward action shot.

Right now I feel like taking a nap on the couch, but I definitely ignored my run yesterday, and I really need to get my long run in today. The long runs are the most important! It looks like it's going to rain soon, but the weather forecast says it will only be cloudy. Hopefully I don't get rained on! It's also only about 58 degrees!

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