Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Turning Around

I hope you are all having a great day, so far! I have to tell you, my mood has improved so much in the last 24 hours. I still have no news to report, but I'm at the point where I'm just letting it go and whatever happens will happen.

I started the morning off with a fab breakfast:

I mixed Puffins, Nature's Path Flax Plus cereal, vanilla Stonyfield yogurt, and a dash of milled flax seed in a bowl.

With a side of fresh and pretty strawberries, plus some coffee to wash it all down. :)

Little Willowby was acting crazy this morning! She kept meowing and would come in my lap for a few minutes, jump down, meow at the closet door, roll on the floor, and repeat.

Silly girl!

I'm taking my husband's advice and using this in-between waiting period as a vacation. I'm still trying to get out of the mindset that I should be doing something (i.e. studying). I can spend my afternoons reading or at the beach or doing whatever I wish besides worrying about my exam! This vacation time makes it easy to get a slow start to my morning!

My legs are still pretty sore, so I decided to take a day off of running and do some cross-training instead. (Which reminds me, I must update my training schedule!) I did strength-training first:

* front and side planks
* static lunges
* squats
* chest press
* mid rows
* shoulder lateral raises
* biceps curls
* triceps dips off a bench

Working my legs today might not have been the greatest idea, because after only 2 sets they were shaking like crazy! I managed to squeak out another set, but hopefully I don't end up paying for it later.

For cardio, I did 35 minutes of intervals on the elliptical machine. I brought a magazine with me, but the elliptical doesn't have a book/magazine stand, and it was too cumbersome to hold onto it the entire time, so I just stared at myself in the mirror. I hate having to do that--it's so awkward and boring, but I like the elliptical on my x-train days!

After my workout, my tummy was growling. I took a quick shower and threw some food together.

I had leftover ground turkey, so I warmed that up with pasta sauce. In a separate pan, I sauteed some spinach with a little EVOO, S&P, and garlic. After I put it all together, I realized I pretty much just made pasta without noodles, haha. I toasted a sandwich thin to go along with the meal, and ended up scooping everything onto the bread to eat. Not a real great lunch, but it wasn't a total fail, either.
I had a bowl of grapes on the side. Delish!

I am pretty excited about tonight! My mom, aunt, grandma, and "fake aunt" are going to see The Time-Traveler's Wife. Have any of you seen this yet, and what did you think of it? The book was really good, but I never go into movies based on books thinking they will be exactly the same (I would just be asking for disappointment).

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

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  1. Nice workout! I agree with your husband. You'll regret not taking advantage of this "vacation" ans trying to relax once who get back in the work force. You did all you can do, so you deserve some relaxation, hun :)