Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Miles of Awesome!

I'm skipping my posts on today's eats because, frankly, they weren't very interesting!

Instead, I'm going to take you back in time. All the way back......

To yesterday! :)

I finally got in my 10 mile run yesterday, and it was awesome! I almost titled this post "10 Miles of Bliss," but I think that would have been a bit too enthusiastic. Though I didn't feel invincible, I am really happy with how my run went.

I stopped to walk maybe 4-5 times, mostly to drink (if I don't stop, I sploosh water/Gatorade mix all over myself). The weather was quite foggy and misty when I set off, and the air was so humid that within 10 minutes, I was soaked. At least there wasn't much of a breeze, so I didn't get cold.

I was especially happy with my time. I finished 10 miles in 1:35:57, which averages a 9:36 pace! WOOT!

At the 6 mile point, I tried out some new energy snacks.

When I trained for my last half marathon, I started looking into the use of energy gels. First, I tried Gu in the gel form. I don't think the texture of the gels appealed to me, and I pretty much had to force myself to swallow the gel. After that, I gave Clif Shot Blocks a try and really enjoyed them. They are tasty, easy to chew, and gave me a great burst of energy. Plus, they didn't upset my stomach at all.

Unfortunately, I haven't found any Shot Blocks in the area (boo to small towns!), but I did see these Gu Chomps, which have the same concept.

They had a very similar texture to the Shot Blocks, and the strawberry flavor was okay, but tasted a bit more artificial to me. I prefer the Clif version, but these will have to do. If anyone from Clif wants to send me some goodies, I would be happy to accept them. ;)

After a yummy shower, I needed to refuel. I picked up this Greek yogurt last week and decided to give it a try. I thought the flavor was vanilla, but upon further inspection before eating, the label says, "vanilla with cinnamon and orange spice." I am not a fan of orange spice, so I was a little nervous. I topped the yogurt with some flax cereal.

It was awful. I forced down about 4 bites, but I couldn't get past the yuckiness. Nasty nasty nasty. The sad thing is, I don't know if I didn't like this specific flavor, or if I just don't like the taste of this brand in general. I might try another flavor (like PLAIN), but we'll see. Nothing is as good as my Fage yet!

My kiwi, on the other hand, was delicious!

After dumping my yogurt, I fixed a simple bowl of cereal and milk. Much better!

Surprisingly, I didn't have the munchies the rest of the day. Usually, after long runs I want to eat all the time. I guess this snack did the trick, even though it wasn't very calorie-dense. It held me over until dinner at least.

Alas, I don't have a picture of dinner. I invited my parents over and made chicken with goat cheese, brown rice, and asparagus, and it was phenomenal.

I'm off to get ready for bed. I'm exhausted after a busy weekend and a very full day of work!


  1. Great job on the mileage, girl! Fage is probably my favorite, too. I love the plain 2%

  2. Congrats on a great run! At what distance do you go from needing nothing to needing gu?

  3. Meredith, I think it is recommended to have some type of carb replacement (whether it be something "fancy" like Gu or as simple as jelly beans) for activities lasting over an hour.

    When I trained for my last half, I went on an 8 mile run with nothing but a few sips of water, and I really felt myself dragging for the last mile and a half. The next day, I went into a Fleet Feet store and asked someone for advice on energy gels. They were extremely helpful and had nice suggestions and were able to compare the different brands that the store offered.