Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exhausting 10-Miler

*Note:  I am planning on switching over to WordPress this evening.  The plan is to have it set up before my evening post tonight.  If not by then, tomorrow's posts will be on WordPress.  Er, fingers crossed, at least!*

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday so far!

I woke up at 7:30 and lounged around with my coffee while updating my iPod and adding more songs to my running playlist.  Around 8, I realized I hadn't eaten anything yet, so I cooked up some oatmeal.

I added a sprinkle of brown sugar and used almond butter instead of PB today.  So good, so good.

I checked the weather forecast before bed last night and continued to do so about every hour this morning.  It didn't change much, but at least it wasn't calling for rain any longer!  By the time I got outside for my run, it was 36F ( said it "feels like 22F").  I wore yoga pants and layered my long-sleeved Under Armor top over a tech running tank and topped it off with a baseball cap.

As soon as I started my run, my hands were freezing!  I definitely need to pick up a pair of gloves!!  Luckily, they warmed right up after about a half mile, so I didn't have to worry about icicle hands today.  After mile 5, I stopped to take a drink of water and have an energy chew.  The straw from my hydration pack was overflowing and I spilled water all over my sleeve and my hip.  THAT was cold!  I may have thrown out a few curse words at the time.  Once I started running again, though, I warmed back up quickly.

I felt pretty good finishing the last half of the run.  I took a couple short walk/water breaks, but I kept up a pretty good pace, finishing 10 miles in 1:31:57!  I was very happy to see that I shaved 4 minutes (exactly) off my last 10 mile run!!!  This works out to an average 9:12 pace!  Woot!!

I have a secret goal time in mind for my next half marathon in 13 days.  Okay....I want to run a sub-2 hour.  Looking at my last half time, it seems like a lot to ask, but that was also a very challenging trail run.  I keep trying to tell myself that I should just be happy with a new personal record, but there is a nagging voice in the back of my mind that really wants to break 2 hours!  I don't you think I'm crazy?!?

As soon as I got home, I hopped into the hot shower!  Once I stopped running and started stretching outside, the cold really hit me.  I was very happy I brought a fleece jacket to throw on over my sweaty and damp top. My legs are feeling pretty sore, and overall, I just feel exhausted.  I could take a 3 hour nap right now, if I let myself!

I am also famished!  The first thing I inhaled, er, ate, was a big bowl of bran flakes with Chobani plain yogurt, honey, and a scoop of almond butter.

The plain Chobani gets a two thumbs up from me!  Great flavor and texture.

I decided to head over to my parents for some company while the husband is at work tonight.  My parents are notorious for having a pretty empty fridge, so I packed a bag full of snacks, since I know I'll be a hungry monster for the rest of the day.

As soon as I got to my parents, I cracked open a Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale.

I'm pretty sure they say beer is a great recovery beverage.  It has carbs!

Also, some pita chips and hummus.

I have a bunch more in my bag in the fridge right now, and I may be devouring them for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Not sure what's on the menu for dinner tonight.

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