Sunday, October 04, 2009

Successful Shopping Trip

Yesterday was a long but fun day!  We set out for Appleton a little later than we intended, because someone had a hard time waking up (hint: it wasn't me).

The weather was pretty cloudy, and we dealt with a few sprinkles of rain, but it was nice to drive through the UP and see the fall colors coming out.

The hubby and I split a snack on the way:

Three hours and forty-five minutes later, we finally arrived!  We were ready for lunch and decided on Qdoba.

Really, not much is better than a burrito the size of your head.

We hit up the mall for a couple hours and I stocked up on some work-related clothing, jeans, and a new pair of running shoes.

For dinner, we stopped at the amazing Noodles & Company!  I was craving this all day long!

The most amazing cucumber and tomato side salad.

Plus the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese.

It was disgusting, obviously.  ;)

Our last stop of the day was the amazing Woodman's!

Yes, this was probably the highlight of my trip.  A grocery store.  Make that, a grocery MECCA!  (Remember, I live in a town where I just had to drive 3+ hours to get to an Old Navy!)

I've mentioned a few times on the blog about how it's difficult for me to find Greek yogurt in Marquette.  At least, Greek yogurt that is tasty and not overly priced.  My mission was to find Fage for less than $5.50 a pint and stock up.

*Cue dramatic, climactic music here.*

 Not only did they have Fage, but I they also had Chobani AND Oikos!!  I have been wanting to try these brands for months after seeing them all over other health and food blogs.


I also picked up some Peanut Butter Panda Puffs and a few Honest Teas (10 for $10!!), among the other items you see here.

But I was super stoked about these:

For real.  So excited!  How nerdy am I??

This weekend's shopping trip had SUCCESS written all over it!

Since this post is getting up a bit late, I might as well mention my run today.  I set off for a 9-9.5 mile run along the lake.  I was disappointed to find out, when I measured the distance when I got home it was "only" 8.77 miles.  I finished in 1:22:54, which gave me an average pace of 9:27.  Not too shabby.  I just wish I would have gone a tiny bit further to break into the 9 mile mark!


  1. Sounds like a super fun day! Glad you were able to find all that yogurt! Love Fage.

  2. I love the chobani, great pick. PLUS you got the Peanut butter panda puffs!!! I found them on clearance this week at Kroger, only $1.67 and I freaked out :-)
    Man, I miss you!